Ayleen´s treatment

Ayleen is treated with a chemotherapy immediately.

March 2011: The doctors decide to remove the osteosarcoma from shin to lower upper leg, including the knee. The remove bone is replaced by a prosthesis that allows for full movement angle. Ayleen is now able to walk again short distance without crutches.

June 2010: Metastases are discovered in Ayleen's lung. Despite an intensive chemotherapy, these metastases are not regressing.

November 2011: 2/5 of Ayleens right lung - the parts with the most metastases - are removed. The hoped for effect does not set in - the remaining metastases continue to grow.

January 2012: Academic medicine gives Ayleen up. All they do is to treat Ayleen with palliative chemotherapy, meaning that the treatment is only to reduce pain for the rest of Ayleens remaining time. No further treatment of the lung metastases.

Ayleens parents ask a naturopath to treat the cancer with traditional medicine. In the hope to help I put my sister (Ayleens mother) in contact with the director of a study on osteosarcoma. Since then, the university hospital continues to treat the lung cancer.

This treatment is making Ayleen feel much better. She flourishes and enjoys life again. Finally she is allowed go riding again, taking free lessons from a well-known equestrienne.

March 2012: The metastases continue growing. But at the same time the naturopath treatment and the new chemotherapy seem to help 'melt-down' the metastases. We hope that the growth is just a form of resistance and that the new treatment will be a success!

My efforts to help Ayleen continue!