Ayleen´s medical history

It started with knee-pain.

Diagnosis in November 2010: bone cancer, osteosarcoma.

Since then, Ayleen fights the disease and endures the many surgeries and chemotherapies courageously .

Osteosarcoma is asking a lot of courage and endurance from the patient. It is usually treated with a chemotherapy, trying to fight the cancer in the whole body.

Besides the heavy side-effects on the body it also means a huge mental burden because the results of the chemotherapy are visible to anyone: hair starts to fall out and the body bloats because of the water retention.

After Ayleen's first chemotherapy in March 2011, the osteosarcoma in her right leg was removed - including parts of her upper and lower leg and the knee. The removed parts were replaced by a fully flexible prosthesis. Thanks to this, Ayleen can walk short distances without crutches today. 

That could have been it, but the torture really just started here with the diagnosis of lung metastases.

Chemotherapy continued and in November 2011 two fifths of Ayleens right lung wing - the part with the most metastases - got removed in another surgery.

Academic medicine gave Ayleen up in January 2012 after the metastases in the remaining parts of Ayleens lung continued to grow. From now on, only palliative treatment performed. 

At this point, Ayleen's parents ask a naturopath for help. In coordination with the university hospital, a new treatment plan is set up.

The result: Ayleen is getting observably better!

Payment of the new medication for treatment of the lung metastases has to be requested and approved by the health insurance. However, the additional cost for the naturopath, extra traveling expenses and home care expenses are NOT covered by the health insurance and have to be  paid by the family.

Financial resources are used up by now!

Please help us to support Ayleen and her family!